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When trying to profit with gambling, first thing you`re going to need is a betting portfolio.

Within the betting portfolio you should only have services your willing to treat like true investment programs through the thick and thin.

Here at winningtips4u, aswell as our own profitable tips services, you can be sure we are only going to promote services that will get you in the 2% club when you treat them like the true investment programs they are.

To get our Lay Tips
that are proofed to the racing index by clicking this link!
Our selections cost just 19.99 per month,
With one lay selection advised daily with maximum in play odds of just 4.0.
Sign Up Here, and selections will be with you by 12pm 7 days a week.
We advise that you start our lay tips service with a 20-40 pt betting bank.

You should never do to much with one betting bank, meaning if a service advises you start with 200 pts, make sure you have a set betting bank just for this service and these 200 pts should never be risked with any other service in your betting portfolio.

The more services you have on your betting portfolio raises your chances of making long term profits, as maybe one or two services may make a small loss with all other making top profits, then the following month the service that may have lost a little makes that back and more, with other services also profiting, but you should never expect all services to profit every month.

If you can treat gambling this way, you will have the best chances to make genuine long term profits from sports betting.

And if you follow the services recommended on this website, and treat them like the true investment programs they are, you will have the best chances to make real profits from sports betting.

Profitable Tipping Services Ideal To Add To Your Betting Potfolio

Layer Of Profit Service - Subscribe Here For Just 19.99 Per Month - Long Term Profits Offered With One Single Lay A Day Max Lay Odds Of 3.0

Profitable Systems Ideal To Add To Your Betting Potfolio

Have you ever wanted to know how to cash in on all the bookmaker bonuses available.
If so then you need to check out Bonus Bagging. This service will make sure you make profits with all the free bet offered by all the online bookmakers. All your going to need is an exchange account with Betfair or Betdaq, and the use of the Bonus Bagging Service.

Make thousands RISK FREE


Lay Betting Systems

Are you looking to find and make your own bets, if so then you must check out the very popular False Favourites by Jonathan Burgess who is a betfair accredited trainer. This system will help you to identify and lay your own low priced selections every day.
This is by far the best system thats going to help you to find and make your own lay betting pay. Check Out False Favourites Here.

False Favourites
Top Lay System

Another one of the best Lay Systems on the market is Racing Secrets Exposed -
This service has made over 4000 sales to date and continues to be one of the best selling lay systems.
Click here to visit Racing Secrets Exposed.


Grey Hound Betting System

Having Tested Out The GHB System we are happy to list it here on our website knowing we are directing you to a great service.
The GreyHoundBettingsystem website have their own system for sale and they also offer a tips service.
Whilst the system will help you profit from every meeting every day the tips service is much more select,
with tips sent to subscribers on tuesdays and Thursdays only, and they are very profitable.
Best idea here would be to open a new account with bet365 and get up to 200 free bonus,
then simply use that betting account for the Grey Hound Betting Tips sent out on Tuesdays And Thursdays, you will be glad you did!!!
Divide Betting Bank into 20 points, or each selection just stake 10% of the betting bank on.
Visit GreyHoundBettingSystem here.

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